Imagine feeling mentally & emotionally stronger, PLUS more focused & confident in 4 weeks?

What would it be worth breaking the frustrating cycle of stress, anxiety & overwhelm?

  • Feel in control of challenging situations & recover from setbacks faster

  • Stay calm, think straight and not allow your emotions to take over

  • Have the success you deserve with work goals and in personal relationships

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from Joy

    • Webinar Dates

  • 2


    • What is Stress & Why Understanding it Matters

    • Set Your Goal (What Do You Want To Achieve)

    • Choosing Your Stress Scale

    • Awareness Improvement Skills

    • Stress Journal & Diary Sheet


  • 3


    • T.E.A. Model (capture negative thought loops)

    • Draw Your Vicious Stress Cycles

    • Using The Thought Cogs

    • Categorise Your Negative Thought Pattern

    • Stress Journal or Diary continues ...


  • 4


    • Interrogate Thought - Questions

    • Flipping The Coin

    • Balanced Way of Thinking

    • Beach Ball Perspective


  • 5


    • Change is Possible

    • Breathing The Right Way

    • Mind Body Gut Connection

    • Basic Relaxation Techniques

    • Healthy Self Care

    • Me Time!


  • 6


    • Meditation

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What Other People Say About Me And The Course

Graham G

by Author's name

Before seeing Joy I was under incredible pressure, a lot of heavy stuff, it affected my behaviour. After the sessions It seemed to be more organised in my head because I could make sense of my behaviour. Joy is the best counsellor I have seen to date. She has an incredible way of bringing herself into the counselling room without judgement. She has empathy, it pours out of her …a fantastic person.

Trisha LF

Great course really loved the way you explained the effects of stress and how to recognise and manage it... I will never think of a simple cup of TEA in quite the same way! Can’t wait for the next one

Nicole L

Hi Joy 😊 thank you so much for creating the Stop Feeling Stressed Out community and the free mini course. I’ve enjoyed all your videos and learning from you about how to minimize stress. My biggest takeaway from the mini course is recognizing how negative thoughts are such a huge contributor to stress. I’ve been my own worst critic and that is not helpful. The work your doing is much needed and appreciated. Thanks again for helping people gain awareness and improve their lives. You’ve touched my life to be sure! ❤️

Raj G

I felt stressed and depressed due to a traumatic relationship that had ended. I lost sleep, I couldn’t eat and generally felt very low. I felt guilty for the breakdown of the relationship. After the sessions I felt more at ease and I had more clarity about things. The face to face sessions helped me make more sense of what had happened. Joy is very open, honest and funny! She is supportive and the humour helped me feel at ease, so I could say what I really felt and muddle my way through what I wanted to say. It was the reassurance I needed.

Claire W

I had severe anxiety with low mood, and I would recommend anyone to see Joy if they want to make changes in their life. She has an energetic way of relating, very unique and personal. Lots of useful handouts and she was flexible with appointments. (Claire W)

Sharon M

I had anxiety and worry. Joy understands your negatives thoughts, she is easy to talk to and a good listener. She helped me see things in a positive way. It was good to have home tasks they helped me recognise and think things through. My problems reduced and sessions had a positive impact on key areas of my life.

Kavina K

I thought this was really helpful!!!! I was able to understand the TEA formula and have now started to apply it to my daily life - Thanks so much!!!

Debbie S

Great course ..Just great! Joy is fabulous. Such a passion for what she does. Learned lots from this course.

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Break The Frustrating Cycle Of Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Enrolment Closes

Monday 2nd at Midnight

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Course Instructor

Joy Langley

Senior Course Instructor

Joy Langley

Hi my name is Joy Langley, and I’ve been a coach & CBT therapist (cognitive behavioural therapist) for 15 years in the UK. I’ve supported 100’s of clients via private healthcare schemes and my own private practice to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Clients like a touch of humour during sessions! They are more relaxed, enjoy the content and have more positive mental shifts. I decided to experiment with my teaching methods, and started sourcing and designing tasks & workbooks. Imagery and audio make complex psychological ideas …less complex! I’ve pulled all that I know into my courses, using recognised psychological tools and strategies to help you understand what triggers your stress and how to manage it. Ultimately you will create your own ‘Stress Profile’ …a blueprint of your unique stress triggers and the tools that help you handle it with confidence.

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  • If I purchase the course, and feel that it is not right for me what can I do?

    We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on this course. This means if within 14 days you feel it is not for you ...we will offer you a full refund.

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    The course is self-paced and therefore you can fit modules into your schedule. If you stick to the weekly schedule it can be completed in 4 weeks. (5 weeks if you want to attend the Case study Q&A)

  • How long do I have access to the course

    Your course purchase includes lifetime access, including any future updates that are made to a course.


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